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Hello! I am Pins and I am the girl behind The Pinning. I am a freelance creative artist in Kuala Lumpur, and I am very excited to meet you! I would love to share my love of calligraphy and gold foiling through workshops. 


Date and Time: 25th August 2018, 1pm to 4pm

Venue: my studio at VSQ@PJ CITY CENTRE. 


Class type: Beginner


In this 3 hours workshop, students will learn the basics of brush lettering (1 hour), to digitising your brush lettering that you just learnt, and learning the basic methods of foiling (2 hours). 


During the class, students will get to learn the fundamentals of applying gold foil to projects using heat from start to finish. You would also be learning how to add some shine to pre-made greeting cards.  


Final project: you would be able to print a design and add gold foil accent to your art piece that could be brought home for deco. 


This class is a small group to ensure focus training, limited seats. 


Materials for you to keep:

  • 1 beginner kit for brush lettering with guide sheets
  • 10 pieces of A4 gold foiling paper 
  • 4 assorted cards design by The Pinning
  • 1 A4 Frame with your own gold foil design 



PS: If you're purchasing for more than 1 person, please include the person(s) name and email address in the message while processing your payment. Thank you!


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    Upon confirmation of your place in the workshop, your seat will be reserved for 12 hours for payment time. If payment is not received within the 12 hours, your seat will be given to the next booking.

    In any case of the participant’s absence or no-show or inability to stay the full duration of any course, session or workshop, the participant cannot be granted a refund in full or in part. I would advise you to find a replacement if you can’t make it.

    No video-taking or photography by any participant of any part or all of step-by-step instructions, course content or original course material during or after any course, session, workshop, talk, or event is allowed. In the case of violation of this rule, the participant unreservedly without contest agrees to be held liable for intellectual property rights violation and without reservation make full compensation as required by The Pinning.